Gojek clone script

Dec 20, 2018
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The contemporary world is filled with various apps that can ease up lives of the users. There are tons of apps in the market to help people have their groceries, food and other commodities delivered to homes and there are also apps that can help them book a taxi and other travel solutions with just a tap.

Even though they help in making the lives of the users easier, it would be tedious for them to juggle between apps when they would like to avail multiple services simultaneously. In such cases, a single app where numerous services can be availed will be handy for the users. A mobile application of such a magnitude can be created by implementing Gojek like business solution.

Owning an app that acts as a single entity for the users to consume the services and products of a number businesses can be very much rewarding to you. Before you take your first step into developing a Gojek clone app, you must ensure that the app has the following mentioned features.

User-friendly interface:
The interface of the application and website should be designed in a way to offer the users with a seamless experience.

Licenced Source code:
The Gojek clone script which is used to develop the app/ website should be legally authenticated to be cloned.

Category-wise listing of services:
The services that are offered by the app should be listed based on their nature so that the users don’t keep hovering around looking for things they want.

Review and Ratings:
The customers must be enabled to rate and review the services they were provided as this would be both constructive and act as an appreciation for the service provider.

The features mentioned above are some of the essentials that must be present in the app/website. However, if you would like to incorporate your own set of features, then I would suggest you get in touch with AppDupe. They are known for providing app developed from a customised Gojek app clone script at a very nominal price. If a killer app and website is something you are looking for to kick-start your business, then AppDupe can serve you with what you are looking for.