Online Food Delivery Software From Trioangle

Mar 26, 2019
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We provide you with a perfect solution for your online food ordering & delivery business. Online food delivery system must have responsive design, user-friendly display, and efficient features. A food ordering software works with a simple workflow that connects eater, driver, restaurant, and admin in a single platform. A user orders his favorite food and pays by any given payment method. Restaurant and driver are notified of the order. A restaurant accepts, prepare and deliver the order to a driver. The driver picks up the order and delivers it to a user.

Efficient features of online food delivery software:

On-demand food ordering and delivery system must have the efficient features to launch your your business. Here are some important features to start your business.


Login / Registration
Live Map Location
Advanced Search Option
Advanced Filter Option
Payment Choices
Wallet Option
Promos and Coupons
Rating and Reviews


Login / Registration
Verified Restaurant
Order Management
Payout Management
Promos and Coupons
Craft Your Menu
Rating And Reviews
Preparation Time


Login / Registration
Verified Driver
Profile Management
Trip Management
Online/ Offline Mode
Earning Management
Map Feature
Rating and Reviews


Eater Management
Restaurant Management
Driver Management
Promos and Coupons
Owe Money Management
Manage Issues
Cancel Reason
Penalty Management

What We Provide:

We provide you with a complete package with 100% source code ownership, free white labeling, Android and Ios development, free app submission, and free technical support. We help you to launch your business and follow up with your success.