uber clone Taxi app development script

Sep 17, 2018
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Clone apps are the new hottest venture for local taxi service. With Uber for X clone scripts, customize your app and turn them into top-of-line app for any size of business. With powerful admin dashboard you can have complete control over your apps. Our turnkey solutions are powerful that they can customize to suit your every need.

Clone apps are taking over the world literally. We, at Appoets provide top-of-line Uber for X clone scripts for any sized businesses. Our powerful turnkey solutions can be customized entirely depending on the given customizations of the vendor. Powerful dashboard with awesome features thrown in makes your app unrivalled.

Take a dip in the new venture: Clone apps. Aided with a powerful admin dashboard you can have complete reign of both customer and driver apps with ease. With our white-labelled and turnkey solutions we can create a fully-featured rich app at reasonable price. Now garner a large customer base for your venture.