Whats app clone script Development

Oct 29, 2018
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Remember the days when messaging apps were seen only as a medium of communication? Nowadays apart from a medium of communication, they have also doubled up as a content and data sharing app.

So are you one of the entrepreneurs who is looking to have a dedicated messaging app like Whatsapp for your business? A dedicated app will do a lot good to your business by empowering your employees, customers and clients connect with each other. That being said building an app from the scratch is not a child’s play as it is an expensive and daunting task.

But hold your horses, don’t let the difficulty of building a new app expunge your idea of having an app. In this case, it’s better to go with the best alternative which happens to be a messaging app clone. Though a clone app may sound highly complicated, it is nothing but a normal app which will have the features that are very similar to the original WhatsApp app. Additionally, the app can be developed in a much easier and more economical method.

The effectiveness of any app is based upon the features it will be offering to its patrons. Some of the features for the users that are a must in the WhatsApp clone app;
Call support
Emoji support
Organize team and departments
Location sharing
File sharing
Search option and more

Turnkey Town is an app development company which specializes in creating clone app scripts. They provide their clients with the best WhatsApp clone script. Apart from the above-mentioned features, they also provide wonderful peculiarities to their clients such as;
Cross-platform accessibility
Powerful admin Dashboard
Integrated online payment and more

The above traits ensure a smooth sailing of the business which will also a be an important factor for scaling. Apart from the features offered, they will also incorporate things that the clients want to have in their app making the app highly customizable. Turnkey town takes only 48 hours to deliver the app from the time of ordering. You can contact them and have your very own cost-effective messaging app.