Build your own cryptocurrency wallet chrome extension like Metamask

Nov 7, 2022
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Cryptocurrency Wallet:


Cryptocurrency wallets are apps just like those you might run on a smartphone or computer. A cryptocurrency wallet is an app that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital assets. Metamask wallet acts as an intermediate between normal browsers and ethereum blockchain and certainly helps to keep ethereum crypto in one place.


Metamask Clone:


Metamask clone is used as an Ethereum wallet and decentralized app browser that provides ease of use for distributed ledger blockchain-based applications and games such as “CryptoKitties” and “Gods Unchained.” With the Metamask clone development, users can store and access cryptocurrency as well as the crypto assets such as virtual items represented on Ethereum as tokens, such as virtual kitties and playing cards.


How to add Ethereum to a MetaMask Clone?


  • Click the Metamask icon in the Chrome toolbar
  • Click the deposit button
  • You will then see the option to either Ether or buy Ether
  • Follow the prompts to add Ethereum to your Metamask Wallet


How to send Ethereum using Metamask?


  • Click the Metamask icon in the Chrome toolbar
  • Click the send button
  • Add a valid Ethereum Recipient
  • Follow the prompts to send Ethereum using your Metamask Wallet


Where to get the best and safe Crypto Wallet like Metamask?


Coinjoker introduced Metamask wallet browser and chrome extension and installation service is a one-click, cryptographically-secure login flow, with no third party involved, called “Login with MetaMask” like metamask wallet clone. Coinjoker introduced metamask wallet creation for a digital signature of a back end-generated random no one can prove ownership for an account, and therefore provide authentication. 


Coinjoker also offers metamask wallet extension for chrome with the trade-offs of this login mechanism compared to  traditional email/password or social logins, both on desktop and on mobile. Even though the target audience of such a login flow is still small today, So, metamask clone app inspired many users to offer Login with Metamask functionalities in your own web app, in parallel to traditional login flows.


Get a live demo now:


Metamask wallet clone script

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