How TaskRabbit Clone have Impacted Business across the Globe

Sep 10, 2020
Task Rabbit
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Taskrabbit clone is an online marketplace script that incorporates some ideas and features that made TaskRabbit successful.

Usually these apps house 2 different portals, one for the user and one for the service provider. They can be within the same app as in TaskRabbit or different apps like in uber.

The marketplace allows users to quickly order and use services like grocery, food, gardening, dog walking, etc, via a mobile app.

When a service request is submitted by the user, service providers in the vicinity get a notification on their app and accept to take up the service request.

The reason for such an online clone model to get the traction it did is because the model is simple to use, effective, and is very scalable. Also the concept of such on-demand service applications has disrupted the offline industry and has already created a huge ripple effect over the need to house an online business model. With safety and assurance over the service gotten, people started preferring such online models over offline businesses.

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