Launch Your Own NFT based Digital Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run

Dec 12, 2022
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Zed Run Clone Script

Zed run clone script is the identical version of popular blockchain-based NFT game Zed run. The script is infused with all the current features available in Zed run. When deploying this ready-made solution on live, entrepreneurs can be able to launch play-to-earn games like Zed run.

The zed run clone script package contains web app source code, Token contract, wallet integration API, NFT marketplace and gaming graphic interface. Add-ons like Zed run AR app, customer support systems and referral programs are given if needed.


Build play-to-earn NFT game like Zed run

As the web3 apps are multiplying everyday, Blockchain enthusiasts and Investors are curious to kick-start their idea into the web3 era. One of the promising models they are interested in is the play-to-earn NFT game model.

This is due to the fact that millions of gamers are switching to an earning model while playing their favourite games. The community building, NFT collection and competitive gaming environment are leading gamers to a whole new dimension.

To ease the process of developing blockchain based NFT games like Zed run, Hivelance have come up with a ready-made solution called Zed Run clone script. We have three options available. One is a ready-made Zed run script, white label Zed Run clone, and From scratch development.

You can even opt-in our white label Zed run clone script if customization is needed by your side. Choose scratch development process if you are interested in a unique platform that resembles nothing.


Features of Zed run clone script

The primary features packed in our Zed run clone script is mentoned as below. There are lot of functionalities enclosed inside. Get in touch with us to exlpore more.

Race hosting

The dedicated dashboard that allows NFT game operators to manage and add races that are going to occur. User approval, race members selection, place of game can be customized in the admin dashboard.

NFT customization

Horse NFTs can be customized when the user has progressed to a new gaming level. It can be in the form of horse energy, membership level, and other reward points.

Community forums

Enable an active community forum in your NFT game where users can interact directly with each other. They can discuss their queries and help in guiding each other to advance in gaming levels.

Users management

Number of active users, approved user profile, membership access level, and their NFT spending stats are presented in the dashboard. Our Zed run clone is designed in a way to ease the job of the founder who manages the platform.

Events display

The ongoing racing events and upcoming events are displayed as the consolidated summary in this section. The chart shows the winner of the race events, fees to join the race, time of play and social media sharing options.

Wallet integration

When using our Zed run clone script, you can integrate decentralized wallets like Metamask into the platform easily. The wallet API support is enclosed in our script so that no additional development is needed from your side.


Users are enabled with multiple signup options like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Discord and Email. This makes the setup process smooth and more user-friendly.

Horse breeding

Horse breeding is the feature that lets Horse NFTs to multiply with respect to the horse types. Female horse owners pay stud fees for the breeding process. Depending on the male horse owner’s choice, the stud fee is charged.

White Label Zed Run Clone Software

White Label Zed Run Clone software is a ready-to-market program code and 100% customizable P2E NFT Game Clone Software, that allows you to modify the UI/UX and features of the game as per your business needs. Our White Label Zed Run Clone Software allows your users to buy/sell racing horses, breed race horses, and compete in races. Users can earn cryptocurrencies by winning races and selling or raising race horses.



Cost to develop blockchain NFT game like Zed run

The development cost for Zed run like platform would be depending upon the features and specifications. If you desire to start from scratch, there will be a lot of resources involved and the cost would be high. On the other hand, picking the readymade Zed run clone script would cut your budget to a greater extent.


Why Choose Hivelance for Zed Run Clone Development?

Hivelance is a one of the leading NFT Game development companies, having 10+ years of experience in NFT game development platform. Being an experienced company they can assure the security of the platform at the highest level. They are the full cycle NFT Game Development Company with certified in-house NFT Game developers. Their experienced developers will develop the game with latest technologies and tools. We provide a White Label Zed Run Clone Script, which is 100% customized Play To Earn NFT Game that having exact functionalities of Zed Run Game. The script can help startups and enterprises to launch their own NFT Gaming platform.


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