Top 10 Gojek Clone Script in 2021

Jan 4, 2021
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Top 10 Gojek Clone Script
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Gojek is one of the best on-demand multiple service platforms based in Jakarta. Gojek is started as a call centre to connect the customers to bike ride-hailing services and courier delivery. During the initial launch of the Gojek product, it had only four services available. They are GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, GoFood, etc. Now it is providing up to 20 services in it. Currently, Gojek operating in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. The term “Gojek Clone Script” is a package that includes all the multiple services available in a Gojek app.

The general behind the on-demand multi-service app is to help budding entrepreneurs to start their business instantly. To eradicate the confusion for entrepreneurs while selecting the top on-demand multi-service app . We have listed the Top 10 Gojek clone script in 2021 based on the technologies used, features, reviews.

General on-demand services available in Gojek Clone script:

1) Taxi ride
2) Car rental
3) Boat rental
4) Bike rental
5) Food delivery
6) Grocery delivery
7) Alcohol delivery
8) Courier delivery
9) Babysitting
10) Plumbing
11) Beauty service
12) House-cleaning
13) Laundry
14) Pest control
15) Car wash
16) Interior design

Top 10 Gojek Clone Scripts in 2021:

1) V3Cube

Based on our analysis, V3Cube’s CJX20 is one of the best Gojek clone providers. A customer can add any service from on-demand taxi to cleaning services, washing services, etc. The admin of the CJX20 can manage the categories, sub-categories using the Admin panel. CJX20 on-demand multi-service app offers up to 60+ services in it. V3Cube offers free white labelling, free website, App submission, source code with license, Additional language, etc.

To know more:

V3 Cube Gojek Clone Page

2) Appdupe

Appdupe is one of the providers for the Gojek clone script. Appdupe’s on-demand multi-service app is called Opus X. It offers more than 60 on-demand services in their Gojek clone app. When you buy Opus X, Appdupe offers Free bug support, free demo sessions, a non-disclosure agreement, etc.

Here are the technologies used in Opus X
1) Native Android App
2) Native iOS App
3) Angular Admin panel

To know more:

Appdupe Gojek Clone Script Page

3) Appscrip

Appscrip’s on-demand multi-service app is called ServiceX. It combines the best features from multi-services apps into a single provider app. It lets the customers start an on-demand multiple services app like Gojek. Appscrip’s ServiceX is 100% customizable based on the client’s expectations.

Here are the technologies used in ServiceX:

1) Node.js

2) MongoDB

3) Angular 5

4) Java

5) Swift

To know more:

Appscrip Gojek Clone Page

4) Abservetech

Abservetech offers one of the best Gojek clone scripts in the business. Abservetech’s Gojek clone scripts offer various on-demand services like delivery, ride, and others. Abservetech provides free bug support, app submission, technical support, free license with source code, and also provides customization according to client idea.

Here are the technologies used in Abservetech’s GoStar:

1) MEAN Stack Admin panel

2) Native Android app in Java

3) Native iOS app in Swift

4) Firebase

To know more:

Abservetech Gojek Clone Page

5) Uberdoo

It is one of the best companies to start your Gojek like a business. Uberdoo has named their on-demand multi-service app product Uberdoo X. It has all the features as the Gojek. Some of the main features available in Uberdoo X are Tracking, Category listing, Order confirmation, Provider profile, Ratings & review, Payment gateway, etc.

Here the technologies used in the Uberdoo X:

1) Node.js


3) Laravel

4) Angular 7

5) SSH access

6) Firebase

To know more:

Uberdoo Gojek Clone App Page

6) Uberlikeapp

Uberlikeapp on-demand multi-service app is called Hyperjek. It is an inclusive platform that offers a range of services like taxi services, delivery services, and others. Hyperjek package includes Android and iOS app for the user, provider, delivery personnel, a front-end website, store/service web panel, delivery boy web panel, User web panel, Admin panel, and dispatcher panel. It is available with all the features of Gojek available in it.

To know more:


7) Sparkouttech

Sparkouttech’s on-demand multi-service app is known as ServiceJoy. It has one of the best user interface designs for mobile apps, the admin panel, the Website panel, etc. By default, the Gojek clone is available with taxi services, mail delivery, food delivery services, supply chain services, etc. You can use the ServiceJoy product to start an online multi-services platform.

To know more:


8) Code-brew

It provides one of the advanced technical solutions for on-demand multiple services businesses such as online taxi booking, delivery services, etc. By using this on-demand multi-service app , an entrepreneur can run 60+ business with the help of a single application. It is flexible and customizable based on client expectations.

To know more:


9) Omninos

It includes services like taxi service, online food delivery, logistics, and handyman services. Omninos provides customizations, secure installation, support & maintenance, cloud integration, timely project deployment, etc. 

To know more:


10) Inoru

Inoru is one of the top providers in the on-demand multi-service app. It is available with more than 50+ services in a single mobile application. It offers an android and iOS app for the user, provider, delivery boy, front-end website, Web panel for the service provider, delivery personnel, User, Admin panel, and Dispatcher panel.

To know more:


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