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Feb 18, 2021
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The market leader Appdupe helps entrepreneurs make an everlasting presence in the on-demand taxi sector with a leading-edge Uber alternative. The taxi clone app stands apart from the rest with its feature-packed front-end and efficient dispatcher algorithm. The pragmatic solution helps entrepreneurs regulate their fleet community efficiently without tearing a sweat.

As a measure to tackle COVID-19, the platform comes preloaded with safety add-ons like face mask recognition software, safety ratings & reviews, etc. The best part about the solution is that it can be tweaked to suit your business needs seamlessly.

Some of the pivotal features of the Uber alternative solution include,

– Free app updation for lifetime
– Geofencing
– VoIP-based call masking
– Multilingual & Multi-currency support
– In-app wallet
– KIOSK booking app
– Multiple stop points
– ‘Book For Others’ Feature

Know more about Uber alternative, https://www.appdupe.com/uber-for-x-clone-script

Contact us through +91 9791101817 or mail info@appdupe.com

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